Bankrupture Synopsis

By: Russell H. Walters

Russia invades Alaska.  Texas secedes from the Union.  Philadelphia teeters on the edge of insolvency and societal breakdown.

Julianne has a plan to rescue the city’s finances. Days into its implementation, a racially charged street killing fuels unrest and sparks debilitating rioting; overwhelming the already depleted police force and toppling city hall.

Seeing the opportunity of a lifetime, a ruthless crime boss, Aaron, raids a financial institution that holds the future of the country in its vault.

Julianne leads a remnant of the city government who weigh using harsh tactics to retrieve its stolen fortune.

Can Julianne stop Aaron before he destroys the city, or will her methods do the job for him?

Walters’ debut novel will open your eyes about the coming municipal financial crisis in a stimulating thriller that serves as an early warning for cities across our nation.