Blue Flight – Police Resigning from City Forces

Blue Flight – Police Resigning from City Forces

There is a disturbing trend that is developing in several cities across the USA. It’s called “Blue Flight” and it refers to police officers leaving cities for the suburbs.

Several cities in the US are facing dire budget gaps (usually caused by unfunded pension liabilities). As they look to balance the budget, the city governments have been reducing the pay and benefits of police officers.

Most of these men and women still want to be cops but can’t afford to live with sub-standard wages and benefits. What are they doing? Leaving the cities for the suburbs.

This is cause for concern because:
  1. It shows that as these cities wrestle with financial mismanagement there is a real impact to its citizens with fewer and lower quality police officers leading to higher crime rates.
  2. It increases the simmering tensions between the cities and suburbs that are brewing across the country.

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